Interest Rates

Net Balance Interest Rate
CAD Debit (payable by client for margin) CAD Prime + 1.5%
USD Debit (payable by client for margin) USD Prime + 1.5%
CAD Credit (payable to client on cash balance) CAD Prime - 4%
USD Credit (payable to client on cash balance) USD Prime - 4%
RSP Debit (payable by client on debit cash balance) CAD Prime + 7.5%
RSP Credit (payable to client on cash balance) CAD Prime - 6.5%

General Considerations

  • A minimum cash balance is not required in order to receive interest.
  • Positive cash balances will not be charged interest.
  • The market value of short positions is deducted from the cash balance when calculating interest payable to the client.
  • Cash balances are managed solely by the client. If an account deficit results from a security purchase, Virtual Brokers will not perform a currency conversion to flatten the negative cash balance.

Under margin penalty

Accounts with a negative margin balance are subject to liquidation. In rare instances where an account remains under margin overnight, the following risk exposure fee will apply:

Net Negative Margin Balance Interest Rate
Combined CAD (payable by client) CAD Prime + 3%

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