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Serious about trading online? So are we.

Virtual Brokers offers investors and traders what they need the most: competitive commission pricing, cutting-edge trading platforms and comprehensive account services.

We also give you something other online brokerages don’t: choice.

Virtual Brokers lets you customize your trading experience from pricing to platform, easily and conveniently.

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Take Control of Your Online Trading Costs

Seasoned investors know the importance of controlling commission costs. At Virtual Brokers, you can easily choose the commission plan that best suits your trading or investing style with just one click.

Commission Options Based on Your Trading Profile

Can selecting a pricing plan really help control commission costs? You bet it can. By setting your commission schedule according to the kinds of trades you’re making, you can determine which pricing structure maximizes your return for the day.

Consider the following example. If on a Monday you would want to make a commission-free ETF purchase, you would simply select this option the first time you log onto the VB WebTrader platform. For the rest of that trading day, all your ETF purchases would be commission-free, regardless of the order size. Come Friday, you might be interested in trading one particular company through the trading day, so you can use the “Classic Commission” plan. With our flexible and convenient pricing plans, keeping your commission costs in check is as simple as one click.

Customize Your Platform

From desktops to smartphones to phablets, no matter what the size of your screen, Virtual Brokers has a platform that can help you trade from it.

With eight industry leading trading platforms to choose from, you can customize how you want to trade. Features such as real-time watchlists, quotes, charting, screening, alerts and account status mean you have full view of the information you need to successfully trade.

Experience Trading with one of the lowest Commission structures in the industry.

Choose the Accounts & Services That Suit You

At Virtual Brokers, we offer you a wide selection of registered and non-registered account types in both Canadian and US dollar currencies that can help meet your wealth building objectives.

Our convenient All-in-One margin account enables active traders and investors to hold both long and short positions and provides access to margin at competitive rates when needed. We also offer Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and more.

Moving your funds into and out of your account is also a snap. Our fully electronic infrastructure lets you transfer funds into or out of your account quickly and inexpensively.

Building Wealth Commission-Free

Fans of dividend investing enjoy putting their money to work for them. Virtual Brokers offers two industry-leading services for dividend oriented investors: our Dividend Purchase Plan (DPP) and our innovative Self-directed Dividend Purchase Plan (SDPP). With these plans you can choose to put your dividends to work for you by reinvesting them in the same security or by putting them to work by investing them elsewhere. The best part: you can build your wealth commission-free. Learn More

Asset Protection

Serious investors understand the importance of managing their risks. At Virtual Brokers, we take this one step further by offering our clients the best asset protection in the business. All Virtual Brokers clients are covered under the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) for up to $1 million.

Professional Grade Support

Whether it’s a question about your account, placing an order, or making a special request, our live support team is ready to provide you with the expert assistance you may require before, during and after trading hours. You can reach us online through chat or email, on the phone or in person at our new Toronto office location.

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