Professional and Institutional

As a wealth management professional, you need professional grade tools and services to stay competitive.

As a professional solutions provider, Virtual Brokers excels at delivering comprehensive operational and technical support, industry-leading pricing and financing rates, and the best risk-management.

We deliver on our strengths so you can deliver on yours.

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Comprehensive Trading Solutions

Our dedicated Investment Counsellor/Portfolio Management (ICPM) team provides outstanding operational service and support to professional wealth managers. To help you efficiently support your practice we offer a range of services including:

  • Advanced portfolio management, including ICPM-defined user access rights
  • Bulk trade execution
  • Dynamic collection of management fees
  • Back-office and settlement services
  • Customized reporting

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Lower Your Cost of Doing Business

With fierce competition in the managed wealth space, staying competitive means not only minimizing your transaction costs but also controlling the total cost associated with managing clients.

As a professional client, you can receive ultra-low commission pricing and customize your pricing structure to match your transaction behaviour. But low transaction pricing isn’t enough to succeed.

By leveraging industry leading execution platforms, advanced order routing and professional, customizable reporting our ICPM clients benefit from a lowered total cost of doing business. When your dollar works harder, it’s because you’re working smarter.

Better Returns Start with Lower Costs

The ROI is the magic metric that everyone from clients to managers watch. A strong ROI means that costs, pricing and efficiency have to be factored into every value proposition.

With Virtual Brokers, our ICPM clients instantly improve their performance metrics with our ultra- competitive commission and financing rates as well as from the extensive support structures we can implement and deploy.

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The Big Picture on Risk Management

Smart managers don’t play fast and loose when it comes to protecting their clients.

At Virtual Brokers, we take a big-picture approach to risk management by offering our ICPM clients multi-layer risk solutions. We offer the most advanced online security measures available to the financial services industry. Additionally, we have a fully functional backup facility reserved for disaster recovery.

At the asset level, our client’s assets are protected for up to $1 million dollars from the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and a further $10 million from our supplemental coverage from Lloyd's of London.

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Advanced Support

At Virtual Brokers we believe in going the extra mile for our clients.

ICPM clients receive their own dedicated ICPM client relations manager that is always available to answer any questions or resolve any request. In addition, our ICPM client care team is able to provide expedited access to our trading desk and a ‘one-point’ client services contact to ensure that your request is handled efficiently every time.

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