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Virtual Brokers (“VB”) is a division of CI Investment Services make reasonable efforts to ensure that clients achieve the best execution of their orders to buy or sell Canadian listed securities that are quoted or traded on Canadian marketplaces. “Best execution” is our obligation to seek the most advantageous execution terms reasonably available under the circumstances when executing a transaction on behalf of a client, including consideration of factors such as price, speed of execution, certainty of execution and overall cost of the transaction. The Canadian equity market is composed of multiple marketplaces, including traditional exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs). The same security may be traded on multiple marketplaces.

As a result of Canada’s evolving multiple marketplaces, Virtual Brokers (“VB”) is a division of CI Investment Services wishes to advise their clients on how orders will be handled. Our trading system is connected to a Smart Order Router, which will ensure that our clients receive the best price for their equity transactions.

CI Investment Services is a participant of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), TSX-Alpha Exchange, Aequitas Neo Exchange, Nasdaq CXC & CX2, The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), and Omega.

The parent company of CI Investment Services is a shareholder of Aequitas Innovations Inc. The parent company of Aequitas, Neo Exchange, has representation on the Aequitas Board of Directors. As a Canadian registered investment dealer bound by both internal and external requirements respecting the handling of client orders in a manner that provides each client with the most advantageous execution terms available, CI Investment Services will consider as part of its order routing protocol, execution opportunities on the Aequitas Neo Exchange.

For more details, please review our Best Execution Client Disclosure here.


Asset Protection

Yes. CI Investment Services is a member of the CIPF. Virtual Brokers is a subsidiary of CI Investment Services, all assets are under CI Investment Services are therefore protected by CIPF.

Learn more about CIPF coverage limits here.

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