Our Clients

Beginner Investors

We build our business one client at a time and pride ourselves in providing each individual client with easily accessible, competent and friendly support. At Virtual Brokers you can trade stocks, options, bonds, debentures, and mutual funds easily and inexpensively. We offer you a wide range of accounts including margin, Canadian and US registered accounts; free powerful fundamental and technical analysis and research tools; free web-based and stand-alone trading platforms; access to New Issue offerings; and a robust account management system to enable you to trade and manage your investments easily and intelligently. For your peace of mind we also offer enhanced asset protection beyond that of CIPF coverage (up to $10,000,000 CAD per eligible account). In short, we support you every step of the way and are committed to your success.

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High Net-Worth Executives

If you are a busy executive who prefers spending  your precious time devising strategies and building relationships rather than trading online, then give us a shot to earn your trust.    We offer you strong, worry-free  execution support, without exorbitant execution fees. We will ensure that you will have a dedicated account administrator on your side who will ensure that your instructions are carried out accurately and quickly.

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Active Traders

We believe Active Traders should not have to choose between full-service brokerages that charge exorbitant commissions and discount brokers that do not provide sufficient personal attention and lack technological sophistication.   At Virtual Brokers we specialize in providing brokerage services that are specifically tailored to Active Trader requirements. Our services include advanced Direct Market Access (“DMA”) trading platforms; ultra-fast execution and highly stable network;  free fundamental and technical analysis and research tools; wide range of accounts including All-in-One margin account that holds both long and short positions; interest on short sales; access to New Issue offerings; strong securities lending desk; customized algorithms; highly competitive and flexible commission structure; excellent personalized support and enhanced asset protection beyond that of CIPF coverage (up to $10,000,000 CAD per eligible account).

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Investment Counsellors/Portfolio Managers (ICPMs)

We understand that in the ultra-competitive fund management arena, every advantage is an edge. At Virtual Brokers we will provide you with all the tools, resources and support that you need to ensure that you can focus, worry-free, on your core expertise of managing and building client wealth. Our dedicated ICPM division, (“VB-ICPM”), provides comprehensive brokerage services that are specifically tailored to the needs of ICPMs. The services include an advanced portfolio management system, bulk trade execution and easy multi-account allocation, collection of management fees, account administration and enhanced asset protection (up to $10,000,000 CAD per eligible account). Each ICPM is supported by a dedicated and easily accessible account administrator in conjunction with professional trading and back-office teams to ensure personalized service and efficient resolution of all enquiries and issues.  

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Hedge Funds

At Virtual Brokers Institutional Services (VB-IS), we create and provide advanced technologies and execution services that empower you to execute your strategies and exploit market opportunities quickly. VB-IS is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic brokerage and execution services that are specifically tailored to Hedge Fund requirements. VB-IS offers a highly secure, stable, low latency and high throughput DMA multi-platform trading and data infrastructure; FIX connectivity; co-location hosting and algorithmic trading across all major North American equity and option markets. Whether you choose to prime -in, -out or give-up trades, you can take advantage of all the VB-IS features and benefits, without any compromise in the quality of service. At VB-IS, you are supported by dedicated trading and technology desks to ensure attentive and efficient processing and resolution of all requests or issues.

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We tailor our services to accommodate every investor. Whether you are new to investing or part of an institution with clients of your own. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best support and services along with worry free coverage and execution.