Platform Fees

Our trading platforms are designed to deliver best in class experience. Depending on your trading preferences and focus, you can select a platform that delivers the trading experience best suited to your needs.

Web-based Trading Platform PLATFORM FEES (monthly)

VB WebTrader Streamer
VB WebTrader is an industry-leading feature rich web-based trading platform that allows trading of equities, options, bonds, and mutual funds, all from a single interface. It is equipped with real-time buying power and account information, Free real-time snap quotes, real-time streaming quotes feature, technically-rich real-time charts, real-time watchlists, news and alerts... $35 CAD

VB WebTrader Light
WebTrader Light is Virtual Brokers solution for clients who prefer simplified order entry. A unique feature in the online trading industry, you can easily toggle between the light and full version, customizing your trading experience. FREE
(Live snap-shot quote included)
Application-based Trading Platform PLATFORM FEES (monthly)

Edge Trader Pro
Edge Trader pro is a professional trading platform that allows direct access to major North American markets and comes bundled with superior features such as live level I and level II quotes, advanced order type, charting and analytics, intelligent order routing, customizable interface, live news alerts, and an integrated trade management module that in real-time tracks open... $150 USD
(Level 1 USD/TSX quote included)

PowerTrader Pro
Developed for active traders, PowerTrader Pro™ was originally available for institutional level investors only. Now, Virtual Brokers' clients can access the diverse range of trading tools including in-depth charting, hot keys, baskets and a variety of Top 10 Reports. This completely customizable system is designed to assist in quick decision making and deliver intuitive execution... $250 USD
(Level 1 USD/TSX quote included)

RealTick EMS is designed for traders who need a fast, seamless access to global liquidity and advanced real-time analytics. This trading platform provides user with centralized access to aggregated liquidity and tools for dynamically managing positions, portfolios, and trading risk across global equity, futures, and options markets. from $400 USD †

ITS TraderLite
ITS TraderLite provides a high-performance trading platform across all Canadian marketplaces. It allows the user to configure various displays based on how they want to work, and offers a wide range of benefits including low system footprint, US market data & US order entry capability, buddy trading capability, registered trader functionality and redundant facilities for high-availability... from $580 USD†

A sophisticated trading platform that is designed from the ground up for scalability, flexibility and performance. Iress provides real-time quotes, sophisticated equity order routing and best price execution across multiple Canadian and US exchanges, full market depth, powerful historical and real-time charting capabilities market summary information, news and... from $1120 USD†
Mobile Application PLATFORM FEES (monthly)

Power Trader® Mobile
Stay connected to the market and your accounts with our state-of-the-art BlackBerry, iPhone and Android native mobile apps. They are designed to be user-friendly, fast, secure and reliable. No matter where life takes you, monitor your portfolio, check balances and account details, trade stocks, find opportunities, do in-depth investment research, trade online instantly, monitor... FREE
(Live snap-shot quote included)

Note: Platform fee is subject to change without advanced notice.
†20% platform handling fee markup (minimum $150 USD/month) will be added to the market price for this platform. Please contact us at 1.877.310.1088 or for details on fees and eligibility.

Market Data Fees

FREE REAL-TIME SNAP QUOTE MARKET DATA: VB WebTrader offers free real-time snap quotes for non-pro clients

MARKET DATA FEES: We offer three discounted Data Packages for non-pro clients. You can select one of these packages or customize your own data plan from the table below.

Package 1 ($29.00/month) Nasdaq Level 1, NYSE, AMEX, OPRA, S&P Index, TSX Level 1, MX Level 1

Package 2 ($68.00/Month) Nasdaq Level 1, Nasdaq Level 2, NYSE, AMEX, OPRA, S&P Index, TSX Level 1, TSX Market-By-Price, TSXV Level 1, MX Level 1

Package 3 ($160.00/month) Nasdaq Level 1, Nasdaq Level 2, NYSE, AMEX, OPRA, S&P Index, Dow Jones Index, TSX Level 1, TSX Market-By-Price, TSX Market-By-Order, TSXV Level 1, TSXV Market-By-Price, TSXV Market-By-Order, MX Level 1, MX Level 2


Data Feed Non Pro Pro
TSX Level 1 $9.50 $37.50
TSX Market-by-Price (requires TSX Level 1) $13.50 $37.50
TSX Market-by-Order (requires TSX Level 1) $43.00 $62.50
TSXV Level 1 $9.50 $31.00
TSXV Market-by-Price (requires TSXV Level 1) $18.00 $20.00
TSXV Market-by-Order (requires TSXV Level 1) $35.50 $32.50
Pure Level 1 $3.00 $15.00
Pure Level 2 $22.50 $22.50
MX Level 1 $10.00 $47.00
MX Level 2 (includes MX Level 1) $14.50 $60.00
AMEX $2.50 $30.00
NYSE $2.50 $159.00
ARCA $25.00 $50.00
Nasdaq Level 1 $2.50 $17.00
Nasdaq Level 2 (requires Nasdaq Level 1) $15.00 $69.00
Nasdaq TotalView (requires Nasdaq Level 1) $21.50 $102.00
OPRA $2.00 $33.00
S&P Index $3.00 $3.50
Dow Jones Index $1.50 $2.00
Nasdaq Global Index $2.00 $2.50
NYSE Global Index $2.00 $13.00
MDX Index $3.50 $4.00
OTC Markets Level 1 $6.50 $37.50
OTC Markets Level 2 (includes Level 1) $19.00 $93.00

BBS is also a participant of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX), Alpha, Pure, Chi-X, and Omega. VB specializes in providing outstanding trade execution services to investors, traders and fund managers who demand excellence. Powered with innovative technologies and deep understanding of financial markets, VB provides superior products and services to all of its clients.